I started studying astrology in 1979 when a co-worker introduced me to this unique tool. It was intriguing how a stranger could know so much about me by looking at a wheel with symbols on it.

It was a life changing event that led me on a long journey of studying psychology with the Carl Jung Institute Classes and Books, Alice Miller Books, Dr, Clarrisa Pinkola Estes Books and many more. I studied with some of the top psychological and evolutionary astrologers of our time to acquire as much understanding and knowledge as possible to help others empower themselves through understanding of their charts.

“Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach.”  ~ Clarrisa Pinkola Estes

A large part of my work is identifying the shadow issues and core beliefs handed to us by family, society, religions, cultures, etc. By acknowledging and learning to embrace those issues you receive the gifts in the woundings rather than hide from them and allow them to run your life. Our stories are what continue to cycle in our lives until we become aware of them and change our perspective to the truth of who we are and start living in alignment with our soul.

Another huge part is the intuitive guidance that comes to me when I tune into you and your specific chart. I listen to this guidance and then it is shown to me in the chart how it is working for you. This is an additional gift that flows through me, contributes to my clients well being, and compliments the information provided by your chart.

Much of my knowledge has been guided by watching and learning from real charts, real people and real life for more than 30 years.


The goals of my readings are:

bullet_purp   To provide insight to help you make sense of your life
bullet_indi   To empower you to take action and maximize opportunities
bullet_blue   To help you remember who you are at the core soul level, your Divine Soul Blueprint
bullet_gree   To awaken/remember the ancient infinite wisdom within you
bullet_yell   To help you understand the shadow issues controlling your life and to allow the space for you to make better choices for yourself and see what you may want to realign/change/fix in your life
bullet_oran   To identify the feminine (moon, intuitive, hidden) aspects of healing and the masculine balance of taking the right actions to manifest your dreams.
bullet_red   To offer intuitive guidance as shown to me from your guides


I love helping others through astrology readings. It feeds my soul to give others hope, to remember their light, and to help them find happiness and joy within by living from their heart and soul.

Natal Readings, includes Current Aspects and Transits $155
60 min reading approx.

Current Aspects and Transits

New Clients, including Natal Reading $155
60 min reading approx.

Solar Return Chart gives you a snapshot of your year and what energy you will be dealing with for that year, from your birthday
New Clients including Natal Readings $155
60 min reading approx.

Synergy and Composite Chart of two people and their energy.  $255
This shows the energy of two people together and how it operates between them as one and individuals together
90 min reading approx.



“I have had the gift of receiving several readings from Divine Mystic and I have been blown away every single time. The way in which she reads another language (astrology charts) that are just interesting symbols to me is one thing, but her ability to tune in to the energy and use her astute intuition makes her readings ever deeper in their scope. There have been many times I felt various challenges going on in my life that I didn’t fully understand. So having Gayle give me an overview of the situation from an astrological point of view made the difference of moving me from feeling a world of pain to a deep sigh of relief as she tranlated the story of what was going on. She did this using her skills in a generous and kind way that I could understand. In a way, I believe this is where magic happens; I witness her using her exceptional gift of insightful astrology and energy reading. I feel seen, heard, understood and relieved to know .. I’m not making this up! Thank you so much Gayle for the amazing gift you bring to the world being Divine Mystic. I highly recommend your readings.” ~ Denise Daffara, Australia

“Intuitive astrologer Gayle Powell has provided me invaluable insight about the energy influencing my life, both personally and professionally. As a frequent guest on my Bringing Inspiration To Earth radio show, Gayle has provided my listeners with practical advice they can use to maximize the energy influenced by current celestial activity. Whenever I have date-related decisions to make, I always have Gayle check the charts first. The time and preparation she puts into her readings is exceptional. She has my highest recommendation.” ~ Robert Sharpe; Bringing Inspiration To Earth show, Host and Author of Joy Potential & Spirituality BITEs

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