Lunar Eclipse, 3/4 Libra March 23, 2016 5:01 am PDT

No Way Out But Through The Keyhole


This is the message I got when I sat down to write about this Lunar Eclipse. I started laughing, because there is no mercy right now from the Universe/God/Spirit to not allow us to become who we are at our unique soul level. The pressure is INTENSE and has been for quite some time now and it is not going to let up.

As you have heard me mention before, eclipses bring a closing to the old play wherever it falls in your chart and a new one will begin. It is important to work with this energy to let go of the old play/energy and make room for the new.

It is exciting and challenging to make this new space, by clearing out the old and going into the dark place of the womb to birth something new. We have no idea what exactly will be showing up and we must have the faith and trust to be ok with that. We can’t have preconceived ideas of how it is supposed to look or we could miss the whole new energy coming in by disregarding what is right in front of us. Our next step is right in front of us and sometimes that means not knowing what to do and allowing the new to take form and develop.

It’s not always pleasant to go into the dark and wait as we develop our new energy. The old paradigm is we must be doing something to make this happen or follow a certain path, but that is not how this new energy works. We need to go within, ask, and listen to our inner guidance. One powerful key in this is finding out what makes us unique at our soul level, because that is what makes each of us special and what we came here to share.

We are letting go of what we know how to do well from the past and moving into the work we came here to do on our soul path. We are learning this new energy and to fall back into the old blocks us from moving forward. We need to have boundaries with old belief systems and opportunities will come as we change our everyday habits and thinking to be in alignment with new understandings about who we are.

Many of us need head knocking to figure out what is not working for us and have that aha moment realizing it is really not who we are on our soul level. I don’t need that heavy baggage anymore and the freedom trains shows up. Like in Harry Potter, when you believe in the magic train and it suddenly appears, step on board. So give gratitude for the head knocking and the people who are helping you wake up. Gratitude is key for helping us change our frequency!

Many of us are healing our past emotional wounding, issues carried by our ancestors, balancing the divine feminine and masculine energy and truly learning how to love and validate ourselves. We are learning how to be there for us and the importance of self-care and nurturing ourselves. This helps heal others by showing them how to do this and helps Mother Earth who is here so strongly for us now and has our back in this healing. Embrace her!

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! We are developing strong roots to help us withstand the storms like the mighty oak.

Many Blessings on this adventure and journey called life! Don’t take everything so seriously! Have fun, be joyful!

Divine Mystic

Spring Equinox March 19, 2016 9:31 pm PDT

Springtime has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere! Now is the time to weed out old belief systems and old ways of thinking so the new spring flowers of our mind, beliefs and truth’s have space to bloom. It’s time for a good spring-cleaning of our mental mind, how we communicate, think and how we take actions on these as we make room for this new energy more in alignment with our souls.


Does our communication have integrity, are we speaking our truth?

What new awareness’s need room to sprout and be nourished? Take inventory and set your intentions for this new spring energy! It is time to truly love us and validate who we are and not look to others for this. There is no more room for victimhood thinking or giving up our power.

Its time to take it to the next frequency and allow more light to enter are bodies with this Spring energy. We are powerful co-creators of our world and can manifest heaven on earth. It is time to take responsibility for what we have created and open the way for magic to happen. If you don’t like how your world looks, look within to see what needs shifting and clearing; so you may attract the new energy you desire.

Do you have clear boundaries for yourself and with others? Do you know what you value and your self worth? Are you living everyday as the best possible version of you? Where does our focus need to be? These are important questions to ask as we are opening to more clarity and clear thinking.

When life brings us bumps in the road and you land on your butt, or you go running blindly off a cliff because you didn’t watch where you were going or trust your intuition; these are definite signs for us to become aware of what is going on inside of us at our core. What’s not working for us? Step back and ask questions within and take the time to truly listen for your answers. This is crucial…take the time to listen.

Allow yourself to have fun in life and do what brings you joy! Be childlike without the self-doubt or inner critic that tears you down. Have faith and trust that the next step will appear when we need it; ask for what you need. Dig in the mental dirt and plant new seeds you want to bloom, watch for any weeds that try to grow. Keep weeding and don’t keep digging the new seeds up to see, if they are growing! Focus on being creative and enjoying the freedom of this new way of being and acting!

It’s a beautiful time to get creative and feel alive as Mother Earth shows us how to take the necessary action to create beautiful flowers in our lives by how we choose to live each day!

Happy Spring Planting!!


18/19 Pisces Moon, Solar Eclipse, Supermoon March 8, 2016, 5:54 pm PST

This is an exciting time for us to move forward and allow the new energies we have been working on to start manifesting in our lives.

  • What do you want to bring into your life now?
  • What are you willing to release to make space for this new energy to come in?
  • How do you want your life to look as you move into this new frequency you want so greatly for yourself?
  • How do you romance, love and nurture yourself to move out the old and bring in the new?
  • What is your soul asking to release and express in new ways?

These, and many more questions like them, are the essence of this solar return as we work with this energy to build a new foundation aligning with our soul to become the truth of who we are.

The house this solar eclipse falls in will show what areas of your life this eclipse activates and the planets it touches are active too. We will be asked to let go of any thoughts of being a victim either consciously or unconsciously as these are shown to us.

Where have you been deceiving yourself or living an illusion, instead of the reality of who you truly are at your soul level? We must speak our truth in love and allow ourselves to express what is our hearts desire now to others and ourselves.

We need compassion for others and ourselves as we become aware of our wounds. They are going to come up, if we like it or not. It is time for healing and allowing the old energy to be transformed into new energy, so we can get our engines going in a new direction more suited for us.

It is a mental letting go from holding onto this old energy no longer working; see where it is and make the conscious choices to align with this new energy. We need boundaries now more than ever to keep our laser focus on the right belief systems and protect the new seeds we are planting.

What does it look like?
How does it feel?

Allow yourself to dream, truly dream your biggest wildest dream you never thought possible and hold onto that. Watch for the fears that will arise and the voice that says you can’t do that and have boundaries with these! Don’t allow them to control your direction in life or stop you from moving forward; it can feel scary at times to open and trust in the new person we are manifesting.

Many of us have been carrying the patterning handed down to us from family, religions, cultures, etc; I have discussed so many times. We continue to remove layer after layer of this old energy we have outgrown and that is binding us tightly. We are shedding our old snakeskin and that can feel uncomfortable, yet will feel so good when the new one is finished. It is time to be releasing what is not working and bring in this new energy we are longing for so greatly.

As we close one act in the play of life and start the next act, I ask you? What do your new players look like, how to they act, what is the new story line for your life?

We are collectively moving into a new era, with new energy and a higher frequency. It is time to trust, have faith, ask for what we want in life and take the steps necessary to manifest it into our lives. We are all in this together as we find like-minded families and groups where we get the support and love we need through this transition. It is time for us to step into our Divine Power and follow our Soul’s Path.

This is an intense Supermoon, bringing chaos where we are out of balance and helping us to see what needs realigning, and morphing. It will be a long journey with this solar eclipse energy, buckle in for the ride.

Namaste. Divine Mystic


Full Moon at 3/4 Virgo, February 22, 2016 10:20 am PST

Full Moon
The Full Moon in Virgo asks us to become our own healers and take the practical steps to fix our lives. We need to give to ourselves what we want from the world, first; before we can resonate and attract what we desire into our lives.
It asks us to look at our every day habits, patterning and what we do without thinking; to become aware and notice if these are working for our highest good.  It is our everyday work to heal ourselves, physically, emotionally and mentally. To have boundaries and discriminate where we put our energy and who we give service to. It is time to reprogram the broken bits in our minds, update our software and become who we truly are at the soul level.
We need to weed out any feelings of being inferior or being self-critical or feeling guilty and we need to do things that serve us first. It is critical that we love and accept ourselves and embrace our gifts and uniqueness as individuals; instead of forcing ourselves to fit into molds that are too tight, or too big and don’t fit who we are.
We can help society and ourselves by doing our inner healing work and showing by example how to be all we can be. We can help others find there way, just by every day examples. We give the highest service to all by doing this.
It is time for us to harvest and reap the rewards for remembering who we are at our soul core level! We are amazing beings with amazing abilities to manifest what we desire. It is our birthright to live well, be happy and full of joy, which magically comes as we do this inner healing work.
It is time to ask for help and guidance from our higher self and understand that everything we need is within us. Then be open to what shows up, the signs and symbols, the synchronicities that follow.  Follow the openings and what brings you joy!
Let go of the fantasy and disillusionment about who you are and your life. The reality of each one of us is a remarkable, amazing, being that is capable to manifest and create our lives in the manner that is best for us.  We are not victims, we are co creators of our lives and now is the time to bring what you want into being. Take little practical steps every day as you set your intention and use your laser focus to heal yourself and set you free! You deserve this and are well worth the effort. Freedom to be you and express your joy is a wonderful way to live.
Divine Mystic

New Moon at 19/20 Sagittarius, 12/11/15 2:29 AM PST

Reach for the stars, as we enter into the next 4 weeks with a new moon in Sagittarius. The archer is shooting her/his arrows into the heavens where we have a broader, more expanded view of our world. It is a time to take practical steps to make our dreams/visions a reality. Its time to shift and do the work necessary to change our lives as we live in grace and faith and we must step forward in trust and show up for ourselves now.

We have been working through a lot of “ah ha” moments of wisdom, regarding our own psyches, patterning, what makes us tick, how we react and discerning if it is healthy for us or not. What triggers us and why? What needs releasing and decluttering? Now it is action time to create the new paradigm in our lives and continue to dig out the old as we transform this dead weight energy into more useful profitable working energy, (instead of dragging us down.)

It is time to lighten our load, so we can soar in our own self-created heaven with the things we love and want in our lives. There are battles going on between the old and the new wanting to be born, as well as the old paradigm that has ruled our world for too long. There are upheavals, wars and violence as the battles rage inside and out forcing change. We each much come to peace within ourselves, so we can help our world find peace. As above, so below. As within, so without.

We are learning what resonates best for our highest good, feeds and nurtures us and doing more of that. We are opening our hearts to our selves first, then to others as individuals and communities. We are realizing we are all connected and what affects one, affects us all; so now is the time to do our work for others and ourselves.

It is a fine balance of changing through love of self, with new awareness’s regarding the old ways that have broken down, and that we don’t want anymore. Any change can be scary, yet we know the old ways are no longer an option for us as we find freedom in the new.

New Moon


We are being given an opportunity to build and create a new way of being for our world and ourselves as we show up and do what is necessary to effect this change. We don’t always know exactly where we are going yet or why, but we know we are going and we are trusting this process as we give birth to a new way of thinking and living in our lives. And we are feeling new emotions and freedom from the outdated ways we have been feeling or not allowing ourselves to feel.

There will be tension and challenges with this new moon energy as we find our flow and way out of them with new belief systems, love for self and realizations of why the change is necessary and must start now. It is a time of dreaming, being creative and taking actions. First, we must dream, birth it through our creativity as we take the necessary actions for our next step; one foot in front of the other.

Stay flexible and open to listening to your own inner guidance and instincts. Be open to receiving your “heart’s desire” and open to all things that need to flow to you in this time of moving forward. Keep an open mind, because it doesn’t always appear in the forms we expect.

Relationship to self and others is very important now and helps us see the parts we need to reflect on that are working or not or may need deep transforming. Keep your hearts open as well as your minds and share your beautiful love with self and others as you move through your universe. Sag energy is full of zest and life and excitement for the journey and adventures that lie ahead of us! Hang on for the ride!

Divine Mystic

Lunar Eclipse, Blood Full SuperMoon at 5 Aries, Sept 27 2015

It is another powerful time of clearing, endings, new beginnings and openings; all within the framework of finding balance in our lives.
This lunar eclipse wherever it lands in your chart astrologically will be closing something down from your past that no longer serves you and opening up something new. It will last for the next 5 months this clearing and opening.

The full supermoon is at 5 Aries is full of fire, passion and intensity as it is showing us it is time to release any past emotions and feelings not working for us at our soul level. The sun opposing the moon at 5 Libra is causing us to look at relationships and what is at the heart of them and what brings us joy and childlike wonder thru our relationships with self and others. What we value and how we value ourselves. It is not a time to fit in with what others want us to be, but roaring like a Lion this is me, love me, for me as I love myself or move on! How we balance self and others as we realize self care is so important to fill our own cup, so then we can give from the overflow to others!

There are a lot of oppositions in this chart, with challenges and not a lot of ways to work through them other than learning to balance both sides of the opposition or help from your own chart to find a way thru. The way out of this energy is to work through it, running from our soul work only causes more pain. What you resists, persists!

With mercury retrograde conjunct the sun opposing the moon it is adding emphasis on how we communicate and think about our past emotions and feelings as we reexamine, reprocess, rethink the thought structures and beliefs we have set in motion because of these. Are they working for us by bringing us joy and feeling fulfilled as we walk our soul path or what’s needs adjusting and realigning within our thoughts and beliefs?

I am not going to go into each aspect in this chart, but I will share with you there are a lot of challenges that are causing us to reevaluate how we spend our energy and what is our foundation built on? What actions are we taking to follow our dreams? It’s important to focus on what we want and to keep our eye on where we want to go? Are your thoughts and actions in alignment with these, If not they must be adjusted to bring them in alignment with what is right for your soul now?!


Gayle McClellan Powell's photo.

We are being tested and asked to see where our blind spots are, lack of clarity in our belief systems, and the actions we take that throw us off track of where we truly want to go and be. This happens by things being brought up in our lives that cause us pain. Look for how you feel. If you feel joy then you are doing what is best for your soul! If you are feeling out of sorts or unhappy then something within your thinking, belief systems or how you take action are not working for you at your soul level. This is a wonderful gift for us to follow. If things hurt go within to find your answers and see what lies at the core of these thoughts and feelings that are not the truth of who you are. It is time to give up the fantasy of how we wanted things to work out in our lives and deal in reality and fix and work with that!

Enjoy the Full Moon Eclipse show for those of you able to view it. And remember as it goes dark…Our gifts are in the shadows and facing the things we have been taught to run from and not admit they are there is the way thru the dark. And then the light comes. It is a very powerful time of change, transformation and re-birthing ourselves into all we can be by reclaiming who we are as unique individuals and marching to that drum!
Divine Mystic

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Autumn Equinox 2015

It’s the Autumn Equinox today in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring Equinox Down Under on Sept 23, 2015 at 1:21am PDT.

Autumn Equinox
Its time to harvest what we value, who we are and what’s important to us; as well as loving ourselves and what value we bring to our world as an individual and as collective beings.

Time to let go of the extra baggage in belief systems and things that cause us to feel tightly bound in our mental and emotional bodies. Clear and clean out, lighten your load.

We are receiving new awareness’s and shifting how we think and what we think as we embrace the shadows and find our gifts lie within the shadows. Stop running from the dragons and shadows in your life, instead embrace them. It’s not good or bad, it is energy and we have the ability to Rock our own World and take lower energy and transform it into a higher vibration for us!

When your thinking and feelings are out of alignment with your soul, it lets you know by you not feeling good. This is when we must go within to search for our answers and see what is not working for us and what change in perspective we need to take in order to be happy again.

We have been through a lot of squeezing and pruning psychologically and it continues as the pay off and reaping the rewards comes with new opportunities, new belief systems and new perspectives in alignment with who we are! Know thyself!

Do more of what you love, creativity heals the soul!

Divine Mystic

Photo by Robert Sharpe

Eventful Time Frame – New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Supermoon, Spring Equinox & Uranus square Pluto

Heads up! Today is an exact Uranus-Pluto Square, followed by a New Moon Friday, March 20, 2015 2:36a PDT at 29 Pisces, that would be tonight for us in PDT. It is also a Solar Eclipse and a SuperMoon!  And a Spring Equinox at March 20, 2015 at 3:45pm PDT. 13 hours after the Solar Eclipse, New Moon! Pretty eventful time frame!

Uranus square Pluto is a transit we have been dealing with on and off for several years now. Uranus brings new awareness and unexpected change creating tension and having to find a new way of doing things at the core of our being.  Deep Intense Change is always ignited with this tension! Rebellion challenging the status quo and digging deep, like tossing an atomic bomb in your life; where it is happening in your chart that causes complete rebirth with intensity with it’s a now or never feeling.  Things that may have worked for you in the past are now in your face to see what still holds value for you and what must be transformed and renewed making space for new energy.  It’s an unrelenting energy that slowly grinds away making way for shifts and new paradigms in our lives and world!

The New Moon at 29 Pisces is also a Solar Eclipse, SuperMoon….so it will be intense!  Where ever it falls in your chart you will need to close down a play, it has run it’s course and allow for a new play to begin.  See what trash is in that area of your life that needs to be collected and put it out for the cosmic trash collector to come pick up.  With eclipses something is always closing down and something new beginning!  29 Pisces moon is going to give us compassion and the ability to see where being a victim is not working for anyone on any level.  It asks us to take it the higher level of having compassion and allowing people and ourselves to be where we are right now and connecting and aligning with our higher selves so we may contribute the highest way possible to ourselves and our world! It is a moon of day dreaming and romance and aligning with receptivity from the divine in your life.  It is a time to take notice of what is going on in your life and world and not let yourself be lulled into believing, you don’t need to do the work necessary to get on your path now.

Withe the Spring Equinox 13 hours after the Solar Eclipse, New Moon with Sun and Moon conjunct at 0 Aries…we have a time of new beginnings and new ways of taking action with crisis or the need to close out certain areas of our life as the catalyst for change and growth!
Divine Mystic

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