Gayle McClellan Powell

Gayle McClellan Powell



I am a Passionate, Creative,
Open, Caring, Generous,
Intuitive, Visionary, Mystic,
Empowered, Wild Woman.





bullet_purp   Passion is second nature to me. I am passionate about life, creativity and things I believe in.
bullet_indi   Creativity is a way of being for me.
bullet_gree   Open to the universe and open to learning and growing is so important to me.
bullet_yell   Caring and Generosity are major parts of my soul expression for self and others.
bullet_oran   Intuition is like breathing to me.
bullet_red   Being a visionary and mystic have always been at my core and allows me to help others.

The Empowered Wild Woman inside of me stands tall in who she is and her strength.

I am a mentor, teacher, artist, writer, jewelry designer, radio show guest, astrologer, tarot reader, mother, wife, daughter, grandmother, friend and sister living a life honoring the divine feminine and her gifts! All these titles can’t define who I am at the soul level, because our soul expression is unlimited.

  1. I love to help empower others that want to bridge the gap between the old and new paradigms by reconnecting them with the truth of who they are at the soul core level.
  2. I am multi-faceted in my approach to helping others and allowing the space for other to find their own way.  I am a wayshower by shining light on their soul’s greatness through psychological intuitive astrology, tarot, crystals, empowering jewelry, essential oils, art and art of allowing workshops!
  3. Having experienced life in all its drama & trauma I have come full circle seeing life’s challenges as gifts to bring new awareness’s, opportunities and changes in perspective that empower, instead of defeat.
  4. I have attended the school of hard knocks. I understand from personal experience what I teach and share while allowing the space for others to heal from deep emotional wounds. I run deep, I feel and love deeply and I dig deep for the truth in my own life. I understand the pain and despair of feeling lost without direction in your life, yet knowing you have something special you feel you need to be doing.
  5. I am working to balance the energies in our world between the masculine and the feminine! Both are equal and have their important place in our world! In order for our society to heal we need to fix this balance inside of us!
  6. I have studied with many professional top quality teachers in astrology, tarot, and art. I give gratitude to all of them for adding so many great flavors in my life. I strive to help empower others and make our world a better place by the messages I share through my creativity, art, readings, writings, teachings and jewelry.

I am a Divine Mystic


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