Spring Equinox March 19, 2016 9:31 pm PDT

Springtime has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere! Now is the time to weed out old belief systems and old ways of thinking so the new spring flowers of our mind, beliefs and truth’s have space to bloom. It’s time for a good spring-cleaning of our mental mind, how we communicate, think and how we take actions on these as we make room for this new energy more in alignment with our souls.


Does our communication have integrity, are we speaking our truth?

What new awareness’s need room to sprout and be nourished? Take inventory and set your intentions for this new spring energy! It is time to truly love us and validate who we are and not look to others for this. There is no more room for victimhood thinking or giving up our power.

Its time to take it to the next frequency and allow more light to enter are bodies with this Spring energy. We are powerful co-creators of our world and can manifest heaven on earth. It is time to take responsibility for what we have created and open the way for magic to happen. If you don’t like how your world looks, look within to see what needs shifting and clearing; so you may attract the new energy you desire.

Do you have clear boundaries for yourself and with others? Do you know what you value and your self worth? Are you living everyday as the best possible version of you? Where does our focus need to be? These are important questions to ask as we are opening to more clarity and clear thinking.

When life brings us bumps in the road and you land on your butt, or you go running blindly off a cliff because you didn’t watch where you were going or trust your intuition; these are definite signs for us to become aware of what is going on inside of us at our core. What’s not working for us? Step back and ask questions within and take the time to truly listen for your answers. This is crucial…take the time to listen.

Allow yourself to have fun in life and do what brings you joy! Be childlike without the self-doubt or inner critic that tears you down. Have faith and trust that the next step will appear when we need it; ask for what you need. Dig in the mental dirt and plant new seeds you want to bloom, watch for any weeds that try to grow. Keep weeding and don’t keep digging the new seeds up to see, if they are growing! Focus on being creative and enjoying the freedom of this new way of being and acting!

It’s a beautiful time to get creative and feel alive as Mother Earth shows us how to take the necessary action to create beautiful flowers in our lives by how we choose to live each day!

Happy Spring Planting!!


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