Lunar Eclipse, 3/4 Libra March 23, 2016 5:01 am PDT

No Way Out But Through The Keyhole


This is the message I got when I sat down to write about this Lunar Eclipse. I started laughing, because there is no mercy right now from the Universe/God/Spirit to not allow us to become who we are at our unique soul level. The pressure is INTENSE and has been for quite some time now and it is not going to let up.

As you have heard me mention before, eclipses bring a closing to the old play wherever it falls in your chart and a new one will begin. It is important to work with this energy to let go of the old play/energy and make room for the new.

It is exciting and challenging to make this new space, by clearing out the old and going into the dark place of the womb to birth something new. We have no idea what exactly will be showing up and we must have the faith and trust to be ok with that. We can’t have preconceived ideas of how it is supposed to look or we could miss the whole new energy coming in by disregarding what is right in front of us. Our next step is right in front of us and sometimes that means not knowing what to do and allowing the new to take form and develop.

It’s not always pleasant to go into the dark and wait as we develop our new energy. The old paradigm is we must be doing something to make this happen or follow a certain path, but that is not how this new energy works. We need to go within, ask, and listen to our inner guidance. One powerful key in this is finding out what makes us unique at our soul level, because that is what makes each of us special and what we came here to share.

We are letting go of what we know how to do well from the past and moving into the work we came here to do on our soul path. We are learning this new energy and to fall back into the old blocks us from moving forward. We need to have boundaries with old belief systems and opportunities will come as we change our everyday habits and thinking to be in alignment with new understandings about who we are.

Many of us need head knocking to figure out what is not working for us and have that aha moment realizing it is really not who we are on our soul level. I don’t need that heavy baggage anymore and the freedom trains shows up. Like in Harry Potter, when you believe in the magic train and it suddenly appears, step on board. So give gratitude for the head knocking and the people who are helping you wake up. Gratitude is key for helping us change our frequency!

Many of us are healing our past emotional wounding, issues carried by our ancestors, balancing the divine feminine and masculine energy and truly learning how to love and validate ourselves. We are learning how to be there for us and the importance of self-care and nurturing ourselves. This helps heal others by showing them how to do this and helps Mother Earth who is here so strongly for us now and has our back in this healing. Embrace her!

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! We are developing strong roots to help us withstand the storms like the mighty oak.

Many Blessings on this adventure and journey called life! Don’t take everything so seriously! Have fun, be joyful!

Divine Mystic

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