Full Moon at 3/4 Virgo, February 22, 2016 10:20 am PST

Full Moon
The Full Moon in Virgo asks us to become our own healers and take the practical steps to fix our lives. We need to give to ourselves what we want from the world, first; before we can resonate and attract what we desire into our lives.
It asks us to look at our every day habits, patterning and what we do without thinking; to become aware and notice if these are working for our highest good.  It is our everyday work to heal ourselves, physically, emotionally and mentally. To have boundaries and discriminate where we put our energy and who we give service to. It is time to reprogram the broken bits in our minds, update our software and become who we truly are at the soul level.
We need to weed out any feelings of being inferior or being self-critical or feeling guilty and we need to do things that serve us first. It is critical that we love and accept ourselves and embrace our gifts and uniqueness as individuals; instead of forcing ourselves to fit into molds that are too tight, or too big and don’t fit who we are.
We can help society and ourselves by doing our inner healing work and showing by example how to be all we can be. We can help others find there way, just by every day examples. We give the highest service to all by doing this.
It is time for us to harvest and reap the rewards for remembering who we are at our soul core level! We are amazing beings with amazing abilities to manifest what we desire. It is our birthright to live well, be happy and full of joy, which magically comes as we do this inner healing work.
It is time to ask for help and guidance from our higher self and understand that everything we need is within us. Then be open to what shows up, the signs and symbols, the synchronicities that follow.  Follow the openings and what brings you joy!
Let go of the fantasy and disillusionment about who you are and your life. The reality of each one of us is a remarkable, amazing, being that is capable to manifest and create our lives in the manner that is best for us.  We are not victims, we are co creators of our lives and now is the time to bring what you want into being. Take little practical steps every day as you set your intention and use your laser focus to heal yourself and set you free! You deserve this and are well worth the effort. Freedom to be you and express your joy is a wonderful way to live.
Divine Mystic

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