Lunar Eclipse, Blood Full SuperMoon at 5 Aries, Sept 27 2015

It is another powerful time of clearing, endings, new beginnings and openings; all within the framework of finding balance in our lives.
This lunar eclipse wherever it lands in your chart astrologically will be closing something down from your past that no longer serves you and opening up something new. It will last for the next 5 months this clearing and opening.

The full supermoon is at 5 Aries is full of fire, passion and intensity as it is showing us it is time to release any past emotions and feelings not working for us at our soul level. The sun opposing the moon at 5 Libra is causing us to look at relationships and what is at the heart of them and what brings us joy and childlike wonder thru our relationships with self and others. What we value and how we value ourselves. It is not a time to fit in with what others want us to be, but roaring like a Lion this is me, love me, for me as I love myself or move on! How we balance self and others as we realize self care is so important to fill our own cup, so then we can give from the overflow to others!

There are a lot of oppositions in this chart, with challenges and not a lot of ways to work through them other than learning to balance both sides of the opposition or help from your own chart to find a way thru. The way out of this energy is to work through it, running from our soul work only causes more pain. What you resists, persists!

With mercury retrograde conjunct the sun opposing the moon it is adding emphasis on how we communicate and think about our past emotions and feelings as we reexamine, reprocess, rethink the thought structures and beliefs we have set in motion because of these. Are they working for us by bringing us joy and feeling fulfilled as we walk our soul path or what’s needs adjusting and realigning within our thoughts and beliefs?

I am not going to go into each aspect in this chart, but I will share with you there are a lot of challenges that are causing us to reevaluate how we spend our energy and what is our foundation built on? What actions are we taking to follow our dreams? It’s important to focus on what we want and to keep our eye on where we want to go? Are your thoughts and actions in alignment with these, If not they must be adjusted to bring them in alignment with what is right for your soul now?!


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We are being tested and asked to see where our blind spots are, lack of clarity in our belief systems, and the actions we take that throw us off track of where we truly want to go and be. This happens by things being brought up in our lives that cause us pain. Look for how you feel. If you feel joy then you are doing what is best for your soul! If you are feeling out of sorts or unhappy then something within your thinking, belief systems or how you take action are not working for you at your soul level. This is a wonderful gift for us to follow. If things hurt go within to find your answers and see what lies at the core of these thoughts and feelings that are not the truth of who you are. It is time to give up the fantasy of how we wanted things to work out in our lives and deal in reality and fix and work with that!

Enjoy the Full Moon Eclipse show for those of you able to view it. And remember as it goes dark…Our gifts are in the shadows and facing the things we have been taught to run from and not admit they are there is the way thru the dark. And then the light comes. It is a very powerful time of change, transformation and re-birthing ourselves into all we can be by reclaiming who we are as unique individuals and marching to that drum!
Divine Mystic

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