Autumn Equinox 2015

It’s the Autumn Equinox today in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring Equinox Down Under on Sept 23, 2015 at 1:21am PDT.

Autumn Equinox
Its time to harvest what we value, who we are and what’s important to us; as well as loving ourselves and what value we bring to our world as an individual and as collective beings.

Time to let go of the extra baggage in belief systems and things that cause us to feel tightly bound in our mental and emotional bodies. Clear and clean out, lighten your load.

We are receiving new awareness’s and shifting how we think and what we think as we embrace the shadows and find our gifts lie within the shadows. Stop running from the dragons and shadows in your life, instead embrace them. It’s not good or bad, it is energy and we have the ability to Rock our own World and take lower energy and transform it into a higher vibration for us!

When your thinking and feelings are out of alignment with your soul, it lets you know by you not feeling good. This is when we must go within to search for our answers and see what is not working for us and what change in perspective we need to take in order to be happy again.

We have been through a lot of squeezing and pruning psychologically and it continues as the pay off and reaping the rewards comes with new opportunities, new belief systems and new perspectives in alignment with who we are! Know thyself!

Do more of what you love, creativity heals the soul!

Divine Mystic

Photo by Robert Sharpe

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