Eventful Time Frame – New Moon, Solar Eclipse, Supermoon, Spring Equinox & Uranus square Pluto

Heads up! Today is an exact Uranus-Pluto Square, followed by a New Moon Friday, March 20, 2015 2:36a PDT at 29 Pisces, that would be tonight for us in PDT. It is also a Solar Eclipse and a SuperMoon!  And a Spring Equinox at March 20, 2015 at 3:45pm PDT. 13 hours after the Solar Eclipse, New Moon! Pretty eventful time frame!

Uranus square Pluto is a transit we have been dealing with on and off for several years now. Uranus brings new awareness and unexpected change creating tension and having to find a new way of doing things at the core of our being.  Deep Intense Change is always ignited with this tension! Rebellion challenging the status quo and digging deep, like tossing an atomic bomb in your life; where it is happening in your chart that causes complete rebirth with intensity with it’s a now or never feeling.  Things that may have worked for you in the past are now in your face to see what still holds value for you and what must be transformed and renewed making space for new energy.  It’s an unrelenting energy that slowly grinds away making way for shifts and new paradigms in our lives and world!

The New Moon at 29 Pisces is also a Solar Eclipse, SuperMoon….so it will be intense!  Where ever it falls in your chart you will need to close down a play, it has run it’s course and allow for a new play to begin.  See what trash is in that area of your life that needs to be collected and put it out for the cosmic trash collector to come pick up.  With eclipses something is always closing down and something new beginning!  29 Pisces moon is going to give us compassion and the ability to see where being a victim is not working for anyone on any level.  It asks us to take it the higher level of having compassion and allowing people and ourselves to be where we are right now and connecting and aligning with our higher selves so we may contribute the highest way possible to ourselves and our world! It is a moon of day dreaming and romance and aligning with receptivity from the divine in your life.  It is a time to take notice of what is going on in your life and world and not let yourself be lulled into believing, you don’t need to do the work necessary to get on your path now.

Withe the Spring Equinox 13 hours after the Solar Eclipse, New Moon with Sun and Moon conjunct at 0 Aries…we have a time of new beginnings and new ways of taking action with crisis or the need to close out certain areas of our life as the catalyst for change and growth!
Divine Mystic

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